Area Rug Cleaning

Your area rugs take on a lot of foot traffic in your home. Whether they are placed on top of your carpet, or on top of your tile or wood floors, we can clean them from dirt, oils, and odors. We can clean any type of rug with our steam cleaning machine. First, we vacuum the rug as thoroughly as possible. Then, we apply a gentle degreaser to all the fabric, along with the necessary type of deodorizer. Lastly, we neutralize the rug with hot-water and simultaneously extract all the dirt, grime, and soils from your fibers.

If you have a pet that has urinated on the rug, there is another process to cleaning your area rug. We can come to your home, roll up your rug, and bring it to our shop for a submersion treatment. It is a more thorough process where we submerge your rug in a soapy bath filled with urine neutralizing enzymes. After soaking overnight, we will extract all the water from the bath with high suction vacuums. Then, we go over it with our normal cleaning process one last time before hanging it up to dry. Lastly, we will roll your rug up, deliver it to your home, and place it right back in its original position. Our goal during this submersion treatment is to make your rug look brand new. Call us today, and we can give you an in-person, and accurate quote for any type of area rug cleaning project.