I’ve booked an appointment! Now, what can I expect?


When scheduling an appointment time, it is important to remember that we have an arrival window. As awesome as our crew is, sometimes they can get held up at a previous job or stuck in traffic. This is why we give you a short arrival window of one hour; meaning, if your appointment is at 11am, you can expect us between 11am and 12pm. We understand that your time is very valuable, so we don’t want to “hold you hostage” in your home all day. If your daily schedule is extremely ridged, you can always leave a key under the door mat, and we can do our thing without you actually being there!

Our cleaning vehicles involve a single axel trailer, which we pull behind our trucks. Because of the additional length, we usually try to park along the front curb of your home. While some neighborhoods are easier that others, we ask that you try to save us a parking spot either in front of your home or in your driveway. If it’s your community’s “trash day,” we make sure to move the cans to a position where the garbage truck and easily get to them.

Upon arrival, we first inspect the job and asses any questions our customer might have. When we enter your home, we wear protective shoe coverings so we don’t track in any outside dirt. Our crews of two, experienced cleaning technicians have a systematic approach to each job, so please let them explain their procedure.

That being said, there are a few things you can do before we arrive. If you have scheduled a window cleaning appointment, we ask that you remove any delicate nick-knacks that are on or near your interior and exterior window frames. We have no problem moving the big, heavy objects and furniture, but it is the fragile glassware, vases, and picture frames that we are concerned about.

We also ask that you unlock any side perimeter gates, so that we have access around your home.

If you have scheduled a carpet cleaning appointment, we ask that you tidy up a tad before we arrive. Things like dirty laundry on the floor, or storage boxes stacked in a corner should be cleaned up by the time we get to your home. Keep in mind that this is just a light tidy. We will move desks, tables, and other furniture as we go. However, we don’t move really large piece of furniture like entertainment sets, armoires, or bedframes unless specifically requested in the quote.

As part of our process, we start by vacuuming the carpeted areas. Next, we pre-spray a safe, “green, cleaning solution that we let dwell into the carpet fibers. Then, we clean the carpets using our hot-water extraction system, sucking up the dirt and grim. If any spots still remain, we use additional stain removers for substances like spilt coffee, wine, or grease. Unfortunately, some stains do not come out, even with our toughest chemicals. For this reason, we assure all our customers that we do our very best, and that any stains still showing up are officially part of your carpet fiber.

Because we use a hot-water extraction system, your carpets will take some time to fully dry (6-8 hours). While it may take the rest of the day for the dampness to dry, your freshly cleaned carpets are perfectly safe to walk on. We will leave you some disposable shoe coverings so that the dirt from your shoes will not wipe on the damp carpets, and walking barefooted is another option.

Thanks for taking the time to read this page, and we really appreciate you considering our cleaning methods.

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