Brett’s Home Services has been an established window cleaning business for over 30 years. Gradually, our services expanded with many other home maintenance tasks. We want you to know that we can do more than clean windows! In fact, we provide 10 unique services that will make your home look amazing inside and out. Some eras of our expertise include pressure washing, rug cleaning, and screen repair. While we don’t consider ourselves as “handymen,” we do have a long list of services. Keep in mind that bundling any two or more services will help you save time and money this spring. This multi-service discount ensures that our customers are getting the highest quality of satisfaction. When you book any two service on the same appointment, we will give you $50 off your total bill. Book any three services and receive $75 off your total bill!

Can you believe Southern California is in a drought? Especially since the over-hyped El Nino season was an utter disappointment. With so little rainfall over the past few years, our desert coastline gets (over)excited when rain is in the forecast! When it occasionally rains, we want our customers to feel at ease when they use our window cleaning service. If your home windows are exposed to wind and rain, they may dry with dirty water spots the next day. If your windows get ruined by a substantial rainfall within 10 days of our window cleaning appointment, we offer a rain guarantee with an exterior window touch up! During California’s “rainy season,” this special promotion can ease the minds of our faithful customers. Don’t stay glued to the weather channel, and trust that you’re in good hands.

Our roots have grown deep into South Orange County. We continually strive to be your trusted home service providers through the building of good relationships. Our word of mouth references are the best because they reveal the closeness of our community. That is why we offer a good neighbor discount. If both you and your neighbor want to schedule an appointment on the same day, we will offer 5% off each of your total bills!

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