Roof Washing

Your roof tiles may be collecting a thick coat of moss on them, which makes your roof a noticeable eyesore from the ground and street side of your property. There is only one way to successfully remove the algae and spore building up on your porous clay tiles, and it involves a high-powered pressure washing service.

We are one of the few companies in South Orange County that offers a full roof washing service. First, we inspect your roof and make sure we can access everything with our safety equipment according to OSHA regulations. If we are safely able to walk on the pitch of your roof, we will start the process by cleaning your rain gutters, to ensure that the water from your roof does not cause any debris to clog and flood your downspouts. Then, we will begin pressure washing your roof tiles from on top of your roof, making sure the organic debris is coming off all the surfaces of your tiles. We will photo document any pre-existing roof damage and be sure to fix any tiles that we are responsible for cracking before we leave.

Because of all the water overflowing from your roof while we're pressure washing, there may be some overspray and runoff on the vertical surface of your house and exterior side of your windows. The final step to our roof washing service is to give your house a rinse and clean the exterior of any windows that were affected by our pressure washing. We want to ensure that your entire property is looking brand new by the time we leave. Call us today, and we can give you an in-person, and accurate quote for any sized roof washing project.