Carpet Cleaning in San Juan Capistrano


Your carpets have been through a lot! What were once new carpets, now resemble dirty traffic lanes down your halls. In fact, you may not even remember the last time you had a professional carpet cleaning. At Brett’s Home Services, we specialize in carpet maintenance; we take the dirt and grime out of your home before it becomes permanent. Our professional, hot water carpet cleaning truck-mount is the ONLY system recommended by America’s major carpet manufacturers.

URINE STAINS – We can handle them! When your beloved family pet has an accident, think about the stain as the “tip of the ice-berg.” The spot you see has spread into the pad by at least 2X the size of the surface spot.

That’s why it’s important to . . .

DEODORIZE – We use an under the surface process that can reach through the carpet and deodorize your carpet padding.

All of our products have been proven completely safe for both pets and children!

Our 4 Step Carpet Cleaning Procedure



The first thing we do is a standard vacuum pass over the entire carpeted area. This essential step is required to remove dry soil, pet hair, sand and dust that allow the cleaning fluids in the next step to penetrate further into the carpet fibers. It also gives a clear view of any concerning stains which need specific attention.

2. Pre-conditioning Treatment

High-traffic areas like hallways, entries, stairs and the area located in front of the sofa need to be treated with certain cleaning solutions prior to the rinse cycle.  An appropriate “soap” mix is sprayed onto the carpet and given a few minutes to dwell into the fibers. This loosens the dirt in preparation for the next step. In addition, the same areas are agitated with a carpet rake to ensure the cleaning fluids are pushed deep into the fibers.

3. Rinse & Extract

The combination of a high powered vacuum and a hot water pump are used to flush the soil and cleaning solution from your carpet at the same time. The hot water penetrates the carpet, and is almost immediately sucked back up into the vacuum wand.  The waste is pulled from the fibers and transported to a tank mounted in our van. Our truck mounted system is recommended by carpet manufacturers worldwide because it includes the most effective carpet maintenance procedures.

4. Protection & Grooming

After all the carpet areas are cleaned, we put all the furniture back in its original position. Plastic safety tabs are placed under metal or wooden objects that sit on the damp carpet in order to prevent discoloration from the moisture. Since the carpet will remain damp for the rest of the day, we recommend leaving some windows open or ceiling fans on to speed up the drying process. At this point, the carpets are fine to walk on; however, we will leave some shoe coverings to protect from immediate re-soiling. If you request, we apply DuPont Teflon in liquid form and work it in with our carpet rake. New spotting and re-soiling are not necessarily prevented but they are less likely to become permanent.

Use our simple DIY price estimator below, to get a rough idea of what your carpet cleaning will cost. Keep in mind that the more services you bundle together, the larger discounts you receive!

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