Rug Cleaning near San Juan Capistrano

We love our rugs, and we pay a lot for them too! Protect your investment by letting us clean your fine Persian, Oriental, Wool, or Cotton rugs. We can get them clean again with our professional rug cleaning system.

We take your rug to our shop and:

1. Inspect and check for color fastness to make sure your colors will not bleed.

2. Vacuum out dry and loose particles which alone can remove 5-10 pounds of dirt from your rug!

3. Bathe your rug in our wash pit, gently cleaning both sides of your rug, and agitating soil and stains.

4. Rinse your carpet with clean water until all the dirt and detergents are gone, leaving your

rug spotless and soft.

5. Remove excess water with our vacuums and thoroughly dry on a rack.

6. Groom and roll up your rug, then deliver it back to your home!


To schedule an appointment, or have any questions answered, call Joanne at (949) 682-6633

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