Window Cleaning

Clean windows make your whole house shine! Our window cleaning service includes an interior and exterior washing, screen cleaning, and window sill and track cleaning.

Upon arrival, all the screens are cleaned with our proprietary wash n’ wax system. Then, exterior windows are cleaned with pure water so that your windows will stay cleaner for longer periods of time because there is no sticky residue for dust to cling onto. The interior windows will be cleaned with a manufacture recommended solution, ensuring safety for any tinted windows you may have. Afterwards, the screens are placed back into the window frames, and the tracks and sills are wiped clean. We take the extra time to touch up any water streaks that were missed, and put everything back the way we found it (i.e. furniture, shutters, hoses, and gates). Before departure, we will make sure you are completely satisfied with our work, because the relationship we have with our customers is the most important aspect of our business.

After getting three different estimates, I choose Brett because he had the lowest price.  Brett and his son did a great job! (family business) They cleaned 24 glass wind breaks and removed some bad water stains from the glass. Nice, honest, and knowledgeable guys. I will definitely use them again! Stephanie C.

San Clemente, CA

Best Company EVER!  They do such a great job.  Inexpensive, on time, amazing job, and family owned.  I have used them for about 7 years, and can’t say enough awesome things about them! Wendy M.

Mission Viejo, CA

I am amazed!!! I am on the second floor with huge windows.  They do not miss a single spot!  Sparkly clean windows and super nice people.  It is a family business.

I think these are the cleanest windows I have ever seen in my life!!

Cat C.

Orange County, CA

Check out our Screen Repair page for any bent or damaged window screens you may have!

To schedule an free, in-person estimate, or ask any questions, call Joanne at 949-682-6633

Or, use our online estimating tool below, to get a “ball-park” idea of what your home will cost to clean.