Stone Polishing

We can polish any type of natural stone back to its original shine and luster. Whether it's marble, granite, travertine, or limestone, we have the equipment and experience to restore faded and dull surfaces back to life. First, we tape off all the baseboards, walls, furniture, and appliances so that nothing gets splashed in the work zone. Then, we start "sanding" the natural stone with a combination of a gritty liquid and our large floor polishing machines. This strips the top layer of old, etched, and faded stone and exposes a virgin layer of smooth natural stone.

Next, we extract the mixture of stripped stone and gritty liquid that now looks like a paste and continue the restoration process. At this stage, we can now use our buffing machine to polish the virgin stone, giving it that shiny look once again. Lastly, we will apply a clear coat of sealer which absorbs into the open pores of the stone, locking out stains from penetrating your floors or countertops in the future.

This stone polishing process is the best way to protect your investment, and keep your floors and countertops looking great for years at a time. This is the only process recommended by natural stone manufacturers and is often used to keep installation warranties valid. Call us today, and we can give you an in-person, and accurate quote for any sized stone polishing project.