Welcome to Brett’s Home Services. For over 30 years, our team has been providing South Orange County with specialized residential cleaning services. We are here to get the dirty jobs done, so you can get back to your life. From the moment you call our office, to the time we leave your home fresh and clean, you will be our number one priority. Our entire team appreciates your business, and will go “above and beyond” to make you feel confident about choosing our company over ALL the others out there. Find out why residents from Ladera Ranch to San Clemente, have fallen in love with the Brett’s Home Services family.

Carpet Cleaning

Keep your home and family healthy by getting your carpets professionally cleaned. Our organic detergents and hot-water machines will cut through the grimiest carpeted areas. From animal urine to Vino Merlot stains, we will leave your home feeling fresh and clean.

Window Cleaning

Having clean windows is one of the greatest feelings for a homeowner. We strive for perfection because you deserve the best experience. We will clean every window, wipe every track, wash every screen, and neatly put it all back.

Floor Polishing


Your tile floors can start looking dirty and dull over time, due to natural wear and tear. Especially in the kitchen where food and oils regularly spill. Part of the investment for hard floors is to periodically restore them back to a shine. Our tile and grout service gets the dirt and grease out of even the most porous grout lines.


Your exterior structures take a lot of abuse. Whether the problem involves oil, rust, moss, or cobwebs, we can get it out! We have enough pressure washing power to clean your concrete driveway, yet have the gentle finesse to clean more delicate surfaces like your wood deck or stucco house walls.

In-Person Bid

As part of the specialized services we offer, a free, SAME-DAY, no obligation quote is provided for all our clients! Upon your approval, we will drive out to your home and give you an exact bid for the job you want to be done. There’s no bait and switch, and no up-selling once we’re on the job. Because we offer so many specialized services, most of our jobs need to be seen in-person. For example, our window cleaning service involves a total count of all your windows, including a visual examination of the different sizes and types of windows on your home (french panes, sliding doors, skylights, etc). That way you won’t pay a penny more than what we agree upon. For other services like pressure cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, and rain gutter cleaning, an in-person estimate will give us a greater understanding of your unique home, which equipment to bring, and how long it will take.

This same-day quote is free and can be done whether you are at home or not. Depending on the requested service, we can count the windows from the perimeter of your home, and email you the accurate bid. For other services like carpet cleaning or tile & grout cleaning, we will need to enter your home to count areas and calculate measurements. We understand that you are busy with work, children, and life, so we will be flexible with YOUR schedule. Call us today at (949) 682-6633) to schedule a same-day estimate! Or fill out our Contact Us form with any questions or concerns.


DIY Estimates

While our In-Person Bids are designed to give you a firm price on your desired services, we know that some people want to get a general idea of what the job will cost before they pick up the phone. We also know you have the responsibility to compare between two or more other home service companies, to make sure the right people are invited into your home. That is why we offer our website visitors with a hassle-free, Do-It-Yourself Estimate that you can complete in just a few minutes.

The form is great for getting an estimated price at your convenience, and also see what other services we offer. You can pick a la carte, or combine services to get a bundle discount. Because our prices depend on so many factors, the form should be filled out with as much detail as possible. When the job is described as accurate as possible, everyone’s expectations are on the same level. Click the button below, and take one step closer to getting the job DONE!

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